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What is operational efficiency, and what are some ways that we can achieve it? How do we bring up to the “technology conversation” to slower adopters? Join host Todd and guest Aaron Henderson as they discuss the pros and cons of AI in the construction industry, how efficiency and technology relate to each other, what the future of sustainability will look like, and more.

As product marketing manager for STACK Construction Technologies, Aaron Henderson is on a mission to help contracting organizations leverage technology to increase efficiency and minimize risk at scale. Throughout his career, Aaron has worked with top AEC industry leaders to streamline systems and processes and develop strategies for more effective growth.

Todd Takes

1. As I mentioned during the conversation, if there is such a thing as a silver bullet in construction, I believe it rests in a mindset change that embraces innovation and repositions failure as an amazing learning opportunity to grow. 

2. Aaron mentioned that we shouldn’t feel threatened by AI and that AI won’t replace people’s jobs but people that learn to work with AI will replace people’s job that don’t. It really goes back to that mindset shift again. It is important to keep ourselves open to learning new technologies and processes. 

3. I more than agree with Aaron, that sometimes (maybe even most times) innovation is about slowing down to think through the options and not running blindly ahead for the sake of action. When you come to a fence in your way, stop and ask why the fence is there before taking it down. You just might be surprised.


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