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Perhaps we will soon find out. Workers who use smart powered suits like those made by German Bionics often have a better quality of life. People who once came home and iced their back for hours now have time to play with the kids or pursue hobbies. People even take fewer sick days from being in pain. From the company side, there is a reduction in worker’s comp, those seasoned industry experts can stick around longer and pass their knowledge on. In this episode Meghan Kennelly will take us on a deep dive into our future of assistive technology.

Meghan Kennelly is the head of marketing at leading European Robotics Firm German Bionic. She has an innate passion for introducing cutting-edge technology to businesses.

Todd Takes

1. To effectively integrate technology into your business, first clearly define the problem you’re aiming to solve. Conduct thorough research on available options to ensure the technology you choose aligns perfectly with your business processes and goals.

2. Exoskeletons hold immense potential for revolutionizing workplace dynamics. They not only enhance worker safety and well-being but also level the playing field in labor markets, reflecting a company’s dedication to investing in their employees’ health and safety.

3. The advancement of industry technologies hinges on a willingness to embrace change and explore new possibilities. Keeping an open mind and being ready to test new technologies are crucial steps in successfully navigating and leading change management in any organization.


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