Digital Transformation: Soft vs. Hard Skills

Episode Description

As someone in the construction industry, how do you see the adoption of innovation? Are you open to doing things differently, or do you prefer the way it’s “always been done?” What has the edge in the battle of soft vs. hard skills? Join host Todd and guest Graham Thiel as they discuss different roles in the AEC industry, the surge in adoption of technology, and using remote connectivity. Learn more about the benefits of collaboration, sharing information and mutual respect. 

Graham Thiel has spent more than 15 years in the AEC industry. Prior to his role as Construction Director for Brick, Inc. he was the Director of Project Management for Starcity, a co-living owner/operator with communities in the San Francisco and Los Angeles Metro Areas. At Starcity, he was responsible for the design and construction of high-density multifamily communities, managing internal team members and external AEC service and trade partners. 

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