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What does Industrialized Construction mean to you? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Clay Freeman as they discuss the future of the assembly line, the common misconceptions that surround industrialized construction, how to see the best ROI from production, how to keep your expectations at the right level, how data flow goes through the supply chain in industrialized construction, and much more.

Clay Freeman is VP of Products at eVolve MEP. Freeman brings 25 years of experience to the eVolve MEP team. Previously the co-founder and Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Solidspac3, a San Francisco-based construction technology and services provider. Freeman held executive, product, and engineering leadership positions with Autodesk, Webcor Builders and Vico Software/Graphisoft. 

Todd Takes

  1. I’m going to start off by recognizing a fact that can tend to get lost with innovators. Change is hard. Innovation creates disruption which brings about change that someone is not going to like. We need to recognize this more than we do. Now, it doesn’t mean we stop innovating. I believe through recognizing that we are able to actually do more if we lead with empathy. 
  2. On a related point, don’t feel you have to eat the whole elephant at once. It is a good idea to test something and grow from there. Clay mentioned that it is easier to dip your toes in the Industrialized Construction waters than most people realize. Ask yourself what the next right thing is and go from there. 
  3. Finally, are you invested in continual improvement? It is a mindset shift to be successful. Also, it is ok to actually become more inefficient when starting a new process. In fact, you are more than likely going to be more inefficient in the short term. However, stay the course on leverage your creativity to solve the systemic issues to maximize your efforts. The ROI and efficiencies will snowball and grow. 


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