Episode Description

What is the future of work and careers? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Jennifer Byrne as they discuss the need for owning individual curiosity for learning, the need for understanding people over technology, innovation and more. 

Jennifer Byrne is currently an independent advisor, speaker, and author. A lot of her work is centered around digital transformation. Previously, Jennifer was Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft US. She infused innovation practices into Microsoft’s technical field teams which led to high-value and well-publicized digital transformation strategies with top global companies.

Episode Description

1. Spend more time learning and understanding the problems even over the technology. You do this by getting to know the people that will use and be impacted by the technology. 

2. Develop and own a healthy sense of curiosity. It is important to look for and build the muscles of agility and resiliency. Look around at the adjacent skills needed for you to always be learning and growing. 

3. Know why you have a seat at the table. We all bring a unique perspective and value to every meeting and interaction. What is yours? When you are able to answer that question, you will be able to become much more effective in your communications. 


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