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What is “connected construction,” and how does it change the layout of our industry? Join host Todd and guest Rob Norton as they discuss the potential of digitization, how to improve communication between stakeholders, the biggest and most common inefficiencies in construction firms, and more.

Rob Norton is Rob is responsible for new business and existing client relationships at PlanRadar, leading the UK’s focus into compliance and fire safety. Rob advises clients on the use of a digital platform to construct and operate buildings and assets, to meet new building safety requirements, and implement the ‘Golden Thread.’ He has 12 years of experience in the construction industry, having worked as an engineer before joining PlanRadar 4 years ago.

Todd Takes

1. The Golden Thread of information that Rob talked about is very important to breakdown the silos that exist, increase communication between stakeholders and track your information throughout the lifecycle when you need it. 

2. I love a good interoperability conversation. It relates to another of my favorite topics, the expected experience of construction. We expect information to be synced in our personal lives. The same should apply for construction. 

3. It is crucial to have a data strategy in place. Ask yourself the following: what data do you need to collect? Why do you need to collect it? How are you going to collect it? What are you going to use the data for after you have collected it? 


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