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As technology advances in construction, what impacts have we seen overall on sustainability, safety, and equipment quality? Join host Todd and guest John Somers as they discuss the latest and greatest in construction industry advancements, what incentives exist to drive tech adoption, how to find the tech that best suits you and your company’s needs, how to interpret brand-new data, and much more.

John Somers is the Vice President, Construction & Utility Sector of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers. John is responsible for the strategic direction of construction and utility programs and services for AEM membership. He strives to help equipment manufacturers improve their businesses.

Todd Takes

1. What value can you provide? That is a great question and pairing it with innovation, as John did, makes so much sense. I encourage everyone to stop and answer that question in the context of your work and think through technology and equipment in that framework as well. 

2. When thinking through data, approach the data with the questions you have for improvement first instead of the other way around.

3. Find your proverbial 1% glasses in order to see all the small advantages and innovations that can be leveraged in any new technology, process and equipment. 


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