Episode Description

Delve into the game-changing potential of AI in construction. In this episode we uncover how AI serves as a research assistant, accelerating problem-solving; Hugh’s insights encourage us to fearlessly harness its power. Part of this power is using AI systems as dynamic partners – elevating interactions and refining outcomes. One thing is for certain: this technology will change how we interface with documents. Full stop.

Hugh Seaton is CEO of The Link, a platform that is changing how specifications are consumed, managed, and ultimately created by construction field teams and design-build contractors. Hugh has been involved in construction technology for over a decade, including the AEC hackathon, and he is currently publishing the Construction Technology Quarterly, hosting bi-weekly Clubhouse rooms, and recording his own podcast, Constructed Futures.

Todd Takes

1. AI is a great way to augment to improve your process. As Hugh mentioned, it is a great research assistant. Don’t be afraid to harness that power and potential. 

2. I liked that Hugh mentioned using AI is more a conversation than anything. Treating AI like you are in an active conversation will change the way you interact and what you are inputting. It will also make your results better. 

3. Finally, innovation is a continual process of learning. As I talk about a lot, it is about adding consistent 1% improvements over time


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