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How would you describe your attitude towards change in the construction industry? How do our expectations of technology change as the tech itself evolves? Join host Todd and guest Angi Izzi as they discuss the unlimited potential of unified platforms, how the ownership of data has become more tangible, the function of Autodesk Platform Services (formerly Forge), and the importance of fully understanding your own goals and ambitions.

Angi Izzi is the Sr. Director of Partnerships & Digital Sales at Autodesk. Angi has demonstrated over 25 years of career success developing and executing operational strategies to promote product recognition in the building design software market. She has extensive experience leading operations for technology, business development and application development within AEC software solutions. Angi possesses decisive leadership of operational initiatives of organizations of varying size and scope.

Todd Takes

1.      We talk a lot about setting up the right foundational elements in order to make technology implementation successful. One of those elements that Angi mentioned is understanding the outcome you want to achieve first. I agree fully-heartedly with this as well.

2.      An off shoot of this is something that Angi referenced in her definition of innovation, think with the end in the mind. When we know what our ideal future state is, we can more easily work backwards to define the roadmap.

3.      You all know I am for breaking down silos of communication and data wherever possible. The work that Autodesk Construction Cloud is doing in that space is really exciting to watch. 


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