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If there are a hundred ways that something can go wrong on a project, there are now a thousand ways to fix it. So what’s best for you and your company? Join host Todd and guest Bob Armbrister as they discuss the benefits of technology adoption, the difference between adoption by field workers and every other department, how our choices now impact us in the future, and more. 

Bob Armbrister is the President and CEO of SPARK Business Works. As a member of the leadership team for several organizations over the past decade, he has served as a forward thinking, mission-driven information technology executive. He desires to impact and create significant advancements in efficiency, productivity, and accountability. He enjoys the never-ending challenge of turning complex computer information into understandable and easy-to-access data for strategic thinkers.

Todd Takes

1.      When starting to implement new technology, it is important to start with user center design. Think through how people are actually going to use and leverage the technology. What needs to change in their workflow and how are you going to streamline that process.

2.      Challenge your assumptions by taking time to sit down with the people that are experiencing the pain points. By getting them involved early in the process, you are helping to ensure you are on the right track that will actually and practically address the issue at hand.

3.      Bob brought up the different personas that should be involved in the implementation process. Think through which personas and stakeholders need to be involved and recruit them to join the team. 


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