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What is the impact of an empathic leader in construction? How can vision-casting help improve operational efficiency? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Sean Reid as they discuss the remote workforce, the appeal and potential of the construction industry, new approaches towards leadership in the industry, the importance of empathy in the workplace, and the new generation of workers who want to see new and better things from their workplace and jobs. 

Sean Reid is Vice President of Strategy and Business Operations for Aedo, a leader in data-enablement solutions for construction. He is also a certified leadership coach, and a recognized expert in operational planning and execution, leadership communication, and team performance. In his work at Aedo, Sean and his team are developing software and consulting solutions that help contractors create high-performance, data-driven operating cultures, and leverage innovative analytic and AI capabilities to drive new levels of growth, profitability, and market opportunity.

Todd Takes

1. A crucial aspect to good leadership is empathy. Let’s be honest, the last year has had challenges and growing opportunities for every single person. The leaders who seek to be a student of their business and their team are the ones that are going to be able to make the changes needed to thrive. Take time to focus on your people. 

2. I am a big believer in setting clear goals. Sean said to ask yourself “how will we know when we succeed”? It is all about vision-casting. I talk to my team about what is the big win going to be. What will it look like for us to accomplish what we want? How will we know we did it? It is important to paint a picture for people to be able to conceptualize the accomplishment beforehand. It is also important for the leader to gain individual buy-in by making it applicable to each team member and giving them ownership. Be as clear as possible and then communicate it out frequently. 

3. Take time to understand the motivations of those around you. The only way to do that is by having respectful and honest conversations. Sean challenged us to think about how our vision can be applied to sustain the motivation of others. I think that is a perfect note to end on.  


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