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When it comes to the many different facets of our industry, what are some ways we could collaborate more effectively? What are some misconceptions that people have about the industry as a whole? Join host Todd and guest Marc Goldman as they take a deep dive into GIS, the biggest hurdles facing data interoperability, how geographical knowledge benefits the construction worker, and more.

Marc Goldman is the Director of AEC Industry Solutions at ESRI. He is recognized as a global industry expert with international experience pushing through digital transformation. He has a unique breadth and depth of technology and product leadership skills throughout AEC, CAD, BIM, and building product manufacturing.

Todd Takes

1. Context is so important to be able to ground the project in a practical reality. Marc discussed in great detail why it is crucial to developing buildings and infrastructure that leaves you with a positive experience. 

2. Co-opetition is here to stay. I believe that interoperability has moved far beyond being a buzzword or lofty aspiration to becoming reality. When we all are willing to work together it actually helps improve your bottom line and the industry as a whole. 

3. Marc said innovation means not being afraid to “be risky”. It is ok to think differently and challenge the status quo. I believe it is important to strike a balance between having a healthy respect of the past while also being willing to try something new. That is how we all grow. 

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