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A solid management team is foundational to the success of your company. When you come to management with a request or idea, whether they listen or not will inform how you interact with your job as a whole. In this episode from Advancing Prefab 2024, Chris Traugh joins us to discuss the importance of morale, the exciting future of productization, and how to attract and retain new hires in an industry that endures huge labor shortages.

Dr. Christopher Traugh is General Manager of Manufacturing at ColonialWebb. He is results-driven with exceptional practical judgment and attention for detail with skills in process improvement, investment controlling, lean manufacturing, and team management. Chris describes himself as a “can do” person with solid organizational, communication, and time management skills, utilizing his skills as a contributor in a growth focused organization.

Todd Takes

1. At its heart, construction is a people business. Enhancing efficiency and productivity starts with a focus on the people involved, from the ground up.

2. Cultivate trust within teams and projects by establishing feedback loops, ensuring transparency, and taking visible action on identified pain points.

3. To attract the next generation to the construction industry, it’s crucial that we better communicate our stories and successes to those outside our field, showcasing the opportunities and innovation within.


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