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What is a circular economy? What does it have to do with Contech, green construction, and “Big Data”? Join host Todd and guest Alfredo Carrato as they discuss true sustainability in construction, the technology behind carbon capture, and the “industrialization of sustainability.”

Alfredo Carrato is the Venture Capital Advisor at CEMEX Ventures. He is a trained architect, BIM enthusiast and college professor who scouts for breakthrough technologies and solutions in the decarbonization space for the construction industry. As a Venture Capital Advisor, he oversees investment activities and strategic partnerships in CEMEX Ventures putting a special focus on startups that effectively tackle the carbon footprint challenge of the built sector.

Todd Takes

1. Isn’t it funny how almost every conversation usually circles back to the need for better collaboration. No matter what facet we are looking at the need to have the right conversations at the right time with the right people is the central ingredient to success. Sustainability is no different as Alfredo referenced. 

2. As an industry, we must come together to create specific targets around decarbonization and sustainability efforts. What are we really trying to accomplish both in the abstract and the detail. Only when we have that flushed out can we harness the power of Big Data to measure the results and make progress. 

3. Alfredo made an excellent point on the value of tackling the problem further upstream in the material manufacturing phase in order to solve the problem. Across the AEC spectrum the industrialization we are going through offers real world solutions to challenges.


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