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What do you picture when you hear about augmented reality? What are some misconceptions we might have in the industry around AR? Join host Todd and guest Waleed Zafar as they discuss the potential of using AR on the jobsite, how to tackle the resistance to new tech in construction, and how AR is even beginning to change the conversation around the Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Waleed Zafar is the Mission Critical Director of the construction technology company, XYZ Reality. It is the company behind the Atom – the world’s first Engineering-Grade Augmented Reality headset. Waleed joined XYZ Reality as its first employee and has led the development of the Atom across all major projects in Europe.

Todd Takes

1. Waleed mentioned that shifting his mindset from reactive to proactive made a huge difference in his approach to construction and innovation. While that may sound simple on the surface, in practice, it is much more difficult. However, as he mentioned it is worth it. 

2. The knowledge gap that exists in the industry is ever expanding, look to ways that you can mitigate this risk. A great place to start is exploring new technologies like AR

3. With the labor shortage not going away, firms need to look for ways to level up the skills of their people while creating consistent quality of work on every project. Again, technology and systems like modular construction are excellent opportunities to explore further. 


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