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Now that prefabrication is taking off, we’re looking for ways to make it a seamless process. Is there yet a “perfect software” that has everything you need for a prefab project? Often, we don’t streamline our workflows until something raises the alarm bells. In this episode from Advancing Prefabrication 2024, we sit down with Chris Fischer to discuss some of the biggest hurdles facing widespread, cross-industry adoption of the prefab movement.

Chris Fischer is Prefabrication Manager at Ready Electric Company, Inc. He has been in the electrical construction field since 1997 and completed his 5-year IBEW Electrical Apprenticeship in 2003. In his current role as Prefabrication Manager, he works with the BIM department to continue to improve and grow the Ready Electric Company, Inc. prefabrication process.

Todd Takes

1. The transition to prefab construction is difficult, with significant resistance initially experienced. Persistence and demonstrating success through trial and error have been key in overcoming skepticism and fostering acceptance.

2. There is a noticeable shift toward integrating technology, especially for electrical contractors in prefab construction. As the industry evolves, there’s an increased emphasis on finding comprehensive software solutions that streamline the entire fabrication to installation process.

3. The future of prefab in construction is gradually aligning with manufacturing principles, emphasizing the need for efficiency and standardized processes. Although adoption varies regionally, there is a growing acknowledgment of the benefits prefab offers, particularly in addressing labor shortages and improving project timelines.


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