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Does your company embrace innovation and new opportunities? Do you? Also, what is the future of robotics in construction? Join host Todd and guest Aarni Heiskanen as they discuss crossing the divide between labor and construction demand, the growing importance of robotics in the field, the people-centric aspect of the construction industry, and much more. 

Aarni Heiskanen is a Finnish construction innovation agent helping construction sector companies innovate and communicate. He has worked as an architect, consultant, and software developer. Aarni is the co-founder of AE Partners, a business development firm, and heads AEC Business, a construction communication agency. He has been hailed as a Top 100 construction tech influencer. His award-winning blog is at AEC-Business.com.

Todd Takes

1.      Start sharing your construction story and telling others inside and outside the industry all the amazing things that are happening day in and day out in this industry.

2.      Robotics offer an interesting bridge between the digital and the physical worlds inherent with construction. As robotics and wearables become ever more prevalent on the jobsite, they serve a valuable job of data collecting.

3.      Loved the concept of the “co-bots” that Aarni talked about. That is exactly right. We should think of robots as providing construction workers with superpowers. So embrace your inner Iron Man. 


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