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Depending on how you look at them, AI and prefabrication in construction can be time-saving game changers or tools of disruption. Paul Sweeney joined us at Advancing Prefab 2024 to discuss the substantial shifts in mindset around prefabrication as a whole, how to look at the past to prepare for the future, the positive aspects of newer technology, and new alignments between industries that were once completely disparate.

Paul Sweeney is Director of Prefabrication at GE Johnson Construction Company. He has also worked as MEP manager for the same company, and as Project Manager at Haselden Construction. He received his Bachelor of Applied Science, Construction Management from Colorado State University.

Todd Takes

1. The perception of prefabricated construction has transformed, now recognized for its cost neutrality and the advantage of faster project completion. The industry has progressed beyond outdated cost misconceptions, embracing prefab’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

2. There has been a noticeable shift in client engagement within the prefab sector, with clients increasingly understanding and valuing the prefab approach. This active participation, along with improved synergy between contractors and designers, is propelling the prefab industry, illustrating a collective effort to enhance the construction process.

3. The advancement of prefab construction is significantly influenced by technology, especially through computational and parametric designs. The potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in refining prefab methods and the lessons learned from other sectors indicate a future where construction mirrors the automotive industry’s efficiency and customization.


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