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Are you telling your story or allowing others to fill in the gap with potentially inaccurate information? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Mike Merrill as they continue with the second part of their conversation and how to overcome the marketing problem in construction. Todd and Mike get into some ways to better share the innovations happening and some ways to get the message out. Make sure to listen to the first part of the conversation from the Mobile Workforce Podcast. 

With 10 years as a construction and real estate entrepreneur and 18 years as a technology executive, Mike Merrill, co-founder of WorkMax by AboutTime Technologies, brings strong leadership and expert knowledge. In addition, he’s the host of The Mobile Workforce Podcast where gathers industry experts to inspire change and finds out what it takes to profitability manage mobile workforces. With Mike’s depth of knowledge of the construction industry and mobile workforce technology, he’s a highly sought after author by leading industry trade publications and speaker at industry conferences. When he isn’t working, Mike is an athletic outdoorsman and is spending time with his wife and four kids.

Todd Takes

1. Construction has a marketing problem. We, as an industry, must start doing a better job telling the true story of innovation and career opportunities this industry holds. If you are not telling your story, you leave it to others to fill in the gap with inaccurate information. People want to hear the success stories that are out there. Make sure they are bridging the gap correctly. 

2. Put your passion on display for others to see. When someone is truly passionate about something it becomes contagious to others. Go talk about your work and why you care about it to others inside and outside of construction. 

3. Mike talked about the value of attending various user conferences and learning from peers. I agree. There are some really great options out there, even in our mostly virtual world. Put yourself out there and get involved whether it is at MEP Force, with MCAA, NECA, SMACNA, AGC, ABC, etc. Pick your acronym but get involved. 


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