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Join host Todd and guest Paul Collart as they discuss turning “the complex” into “the simple,” where we’re at in the construction industry when it comes to tech adoption, the future of digital twins, and how to cross-communicate important concepts between each industry. 

Paul Collart is VP, Strategic Engagement of San Jose, California-based Cupix, a pioneer of cutting-edge 3D digital twin solutions for the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industries and building owners. Paul joined Cupix in 2017 and formerly served as the company’s Head of Product Strategy. In a technology-focused career spanning more than 25 years, Paul has held executive positions focused on the development and implementation of mobile & terrestrial 3D scanning, 3D tours (real estate & construction), 360 imagery platforms, 3D web platforms, virtual staging, machine learning, commercial real estate (CRE) & test fits, indoor mapping, BIM/VDC, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), photogrammetry and reconstruction technologies. 

Todd Takes

1. Having a detailed plan with champions at the ready is a key ingredient to successfully implementing new technology. Make sure you are taking time to map it out before you really dive headfirst into the process. 

2. Once you are ready to implement, start with something simplistic and scale up in complexity from there. You don’t have to eat the whole elephant in one bite. 

3. Finally ask yourself are you providing business value with your technology. You should be. Merging the analog and the digital worlds through digital twin technology could be your answer to that question. 


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