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How can we be sure we’re collecting “the right” data to drive future success? The
secret lies in when (and how) we gather that data in the first place. Live from
Advancing Preconstruction 2024, Will Lehrmann of Procore Technologies joins the
podcast to break down the best ways to prevent data siloes, the ongoing issue of
worker safety in construction, and the importance of standardizing processes for the
future of the industry.

Will Lehrmann is VP of Product – Preconstruction & Construction Documents at
Procore Technologies. His career experience is highlighted by product leadership,
building world-class product teams, developing industry-leading products, executing
against sales goals, bringing a customer-first approach to customer success, and
delivering against commitments for customers and the business.

Todd Takes

  1. 1. Strategic Data Mapping and Management
    Before diving into data, it’s crucial to strategically determine which questions need answers, guiding how you map and analyze your data. Effective data management paired with interoperability between datasets is essential, ensuring information flows smoothly and accurately across systems.

    2. Fostering a Culture of Innovation in Preconstruction
    It’s vital to cultivate a culture that supports innovation, particularly in preconstruction, to enhance process improvement and foster broader advancements. This culture shift can lead to significant efficiencies and better outcomes throughout the construction lifecycle.

    3. Enhancing Communication Through Collaboration
    Promoting collaboration is key to maintaining clear and effective communication among all project stakeholders. By working together from the start, all parties can ensure their perspectives are heard and integrated, leading to more cohesive project execution.

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