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We’re happy to welcome back Tyler Campbell, host of Construction Brothers Podcast, for today’s episode! Join Todd and Tyler as they discuss the challenge of marketing in construction, how to approach the skilled labor shortage effectively, the connection between brand and career, and the near future of industrialization.

Tyler Campbell is the founder of Storybuilder Creative, where he aims to solve the problem between the realities of the field and marketing materials. You may also recognize his voice from the Construction Brothers Podcast, which he hosts.

Todd Takes

1. Make sure that you are telling your story and not leaving it up to others that may not know the reality of what is happening in this industry. Construction professionals have an amazing and engaging story to share with a watching world. You don’t know who you might inspire with your journey. 

2. Good culture is a key ingredient to success whether in marketing, recruiting or just good business. Find ways to be authentic to your environment and team but be intentional with developing strong relational bonds. 

3. In today’s social media world where everyone, no matter your role can be seen, it is important to take the responsibility seriously for the individual and the company. Everyone is a brand ambassador now. 


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