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What kinds of opportunities do you associate with blue-collar jobs? Do they differ from white-collar opportunities? It seems that the lines are beginning to blur. Join host Todd and guest Josh Zolin as they discuss “abundance” within the trades, managing a good work-life balance, challenging the stigma around manual labor, and more.

Josh Zolin is the CEO of Windy City Equipment Service. SchaiHi Partners is his secondary business, which is a full-fledged real estate investment firm. In 2019, he published his book, “Blue is the New White: The Best Path to Success that No One Told You About – Until Now” in order to shatter the common misperceptions about the skilled trades to today’s youth.

Todd Takes

  1. Blue and white collar jobs should be on an equal playing field. The reality is the lines between blue and white collar jobs are really blurring anyway.
  2. One of the best ways to attract new blood to the trades is by promoting hands on exposure to the trades. As a teaser you will want to listen to next week’s episode with guest Angie Simon as she talks about what she’s doing to provide such an experience.
  3. If the zombie apocalypse happens, you will want to make sure your group contains a ton of your trades friends.


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