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When you picture “blue collar” jobs, what comes to mind? Do you carry any misconceptions with that term? Join host Todd and guest Ken Rusk as they discuss the “blue-collar crisis,” how to get more people interested in construction as a concept, how to take control of and manage our careers in the best way possible, and much more.

Ken Rusk is the President of Rusk Industries and the author of Wall Street bestselling book, “Blue Collar Cash.” He describes himself as a professional ditch digger, entrepreneur, and proud advocate of following your dreams.

Todd Takes

  1. We as an industry need to reach out to different audiences, especially high schoolers, and get them interested in the construction industry by sharing what is actually happening. There is a great career path in the trades.
  2. Take ownership of your career and path forward. It is okay to look for win-wins and ways to progress your career into areas of particular interest. As Ken explained, this can actually lead to productive company mindset. Visualize the end goal and work backwards to create your roadmap.
  3. Find your passion and let it show, then don’t be afraid to go for it. Love that Ken paired innovation with being bold. It takes bold action to move things forward.


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