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When it comes to how things “used to be done,” what should we retain and from what should we move on? Join host Todd and guests Nolan Browne and Diana Fisler as they discuss bringing a high-level attitude into the construction industry, how we’re accomplishing “incremental innovation,” encouraging growth mindsets, systemic barriers in the industry, and much more. 

Diana Fisler is a Sr. Principal at ADL Ventures. She is an experienced industrial scientist and a variety of materials-related fields with a demonstrated history of working in the building materials industry and managing laboratories.

Nolan Browne is the Co-Founder of FieldNav, Inc. and the Founding Partner of ADL Ventures. Nolan combines his deep background in CleanTech and BuildingTech commercialization for the Fortune 1000 with nearly a decade of venture-backed founder / executive experience in Silicon Valley and Boston to help the world’s leading companies find, develop and scale deployment of CleanTech and AI solutions to simultaneously become more profitable and sustainable.

Todd Takes

1. Create a culture of continual improvement and innovation. When you give people not only the space but the permission to explore and test ideas, you will be amazed at the creativity and the initiatives that will come back. I was recently at the AEC iSummit presented by the Construction Progress Coalition where teams where essentially tasked with this mission. It was inspiring to see people throughout the industry come together to innovatively address and seek to solve systemic problems in workflows. It is possible. 

2. Avoid the “Kodak Moment” in construction. As we discussed at length in this conversation, Kodak made the mistake of playing it too safe instead of playing to win. Instead, you should seek for daily small improvements that add up. I get it changing a mindset and process is really hard and uncomfortable. However, it pays dividends in the long run against your competition. 

3. It may seem like looking back change happens with a “poof”, but as Diana said “when you are in the middle of the poof it feels like a series of pressures instead.” I love that line but it is so true. We are in the middle of the construction poof. There are so many internal and external pressures being placed on the industry to change. It is going to be exciting to look back and know we thrived in and after the “poof” of change. 


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