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What is your instinctive reaction to technology? How does that impact your work in construction? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Peyton Kringlie as they discuss a recent article Peyton wrote around the different approaches to technology in construction, encouraging those who need a confidence boost in technology, staying humble while you’re trying out something new, and what innovation looks like real-time. 

Peyton Kringlie, Business Analyst from LS Black Constructors has experience in several domains. Peyton grew up in a family owned, Construction/Building Material Supply company located in the Dakotas. He then received degrees in Business and Construction Management from the University of Minnesota. After pursuing traditional Project Engineer route, he then transitioned to Business Analyst, where he leads his company, LS Black, in all its efforts with Technology and Innovation. He recently wrote an article, highlighting the difficulties of technology adoption, specifically in the Construction Industry, but provides takeaway insight from Psychology research to help.

Todd Takes

1. When thinking through technology implementation, it is crucial to get the buy-in from your team before you roll out the technology. Take the time at the start to answer their questions and make them feel comfortable. Often times, that is about exposing them to the tools. Peyton had the great line saying, “everyone is a fool until they are an expert.” It takes a dose of humility to implement technology. 

2. Innovation is great. It is no secret I’m a big fan. However, as Peyton reminded us, it is important to keep in mind what is actually possible. Figure out what is the realistic version of innovation. He had a great take on my innovation question saying, “innovation means we are identifying the problems along with as many solutions to those problems while implementing them back into the real world.”

3. It is helpful to look outside of the construction industry to see how others are embracing change management, new technology workflows and the digital transformation. We just might learn something if we keep an open mind. 


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