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Join host Todd and guest Chaunté Hall of Victory Trades Alliance as they talk about the transition from the military to the MEP trades, changing the narrative around the skilled trades work, affecting the public perception of trade schools, and how veterans are rising to the nation’s needs during the pandemic. 

Chaunté Hall is a US Air Force veteran, an adjunct college professor, executive career coach and most recently became the president of Victory Trades Alliance (VTA), an organization that focuses on transitioning military members into fulfilling careers in the skilled trades industry, specifically in mechanical, electrical and plumbing. Having spent her time outside of the armed services aiding America’s heroes in developing long-lasting and lucrative careers, Chaunte is offering her unique insight and guidance to help steer like-minded professionals in the right direction.


1. First and foremost, thank you to all our military vets listening on this Veteran’s Day. We are grateful for you and your service to our country. After hearing Chaunte’s passion for the veteran community, it is clear vets are uniquely positioned to succeed in the trades due to several factors from resiliency to a hard work ethic to the get the job done mentality. 

2. Second, we need to continue to change the narrative and misconceptions around the trades. We do this by speaking out and sharing the numerous success stories of people in the trades. Everyone is a walking billboard for yourself, your company and the entire MEP trades. So, be mindful of that. One of the best things about the trades is the pride you take in your work. It is time to share all the wonderful projects and things you are able to accomplish in order to invite others into the industry. 

3. Finally, be mission focused. Take the time to strategically think through your options and then act out in accordance with the plan. 


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