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What role should curiosity play in the construction executive’s day-to-day? As it turns out, a lot. Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Cory Borchardt, Sr., VP of Operations at Fisk Electric, as they chat through embracing ConTech and prefabrication from an executive’s vantage point. They also discuss how to build out consistent processes, high-five worthy software providers for the field, attracting a younger generation. and more. 

Cory Borchardt joined the Fisk Electric team in 2019 as Senior Vice President of Operations with over 20 years of electrical construction experience. Cory brings an innovative approach to construction utilizing prefabrication, technology and project management skills to drive for operational excellence. Cory received a B.S. Electrical Engineering Technology from Michigan Technological University, holds a Master Electrician license in multiple states, and is a certified Project Manager Professional (PMP).

Todd Takes

1. I hope you enjoyed hearing Cory’s executive perspective on ConTech as much as I did. It is great that they judge through the prism of what makes the field’s life better by streamlining and eliminating a pain point. He mentioned they ask themselves a series of questions when evaluating new software which are:

a. What problem are you trying to solve with software?

b. How are you handling that problem today? 

c. How would you address the problem with the software?

d. Is it repeatable and easy to use? 

2. Consistency and repeatable are two key essentials in any process. Cory mentioned that your process needs to be standard enough to ensure trust in consistent output to measure goals but flexible enough to adapt to various project types. This is definitely a journey that requires trial and error for continual improvement. 

3. Develop a culture of curiosity. To be truly innovative and embrace the future of construction, the entire company culture needs to be willing to try something different and ask questions. This will lead to profit gains in the long run. Keep asking yourself how or why is something happening and then be willing to listen and discover the answers. 


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