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This is a special episode of Bridging the Gap. This is our final live recording from the 5th annual MEP Force. During the Day 1 General Session, we sat down with the Queen of Prefab herself, Amy Marks. A key theme she touched on was ‘expected experience’ in your job and in a product. How you anticipate a situation can drastically affect your satisfaction with it. She also touched on the importance of productization. We have to do a better job taking all the knowledge and ideas we have and turn them into products and processes.

Amy Marks is the head of industrialized construction strategy and evangelism at Autodesk; she is known throughout the construction industry as the “Queen of Prefab.” A graduate of the University of Florida and an alumna of Harvard Business School, Marks is the former CEO of XSite Modular, a leading prefabrication consultancy and design-builder of critical infrastructure buildings. 

As a prefabrication consultant, she defined the language and process that is adopted by companies, countries, and builders around the world.

Todd Takes

1. The people with the mission critical data need to step up and tell others what is needed to help drive the change for the industry. Data is key and will be critical to forward improvement. 

2. Amy brought up a great point around taking the time to document the knowledge needed to run the company and do the job. I would argue that documenting employee wisdom is mission critical to long-term success, especially in an industry that is rapidly aging out a huge segment of the workforce. If we don’t document the immense amount of knowledge that exists in people’s heads, what is going to happen to it? 

3. I love the concept of “Expected Experience”. Ask yourself what is the experience you expect from companies in your personal life? Now ask yourself, why shouldn’t construction hold to that standard as well? We don’t need to overcomplicate things. 


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