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As AR and AI continue to sweep the construction industry, what are some of the best and most proven ways to leverage this enigmatic technology? Could it, in fact, help us address some of the largest and most persistent pain points of the industry at large? Join Todd and guest NK Chaitanya as they discuss the connection between data and AI, NK’s company ConstructN.ai, how AR can be leveraged to increase onsite safety, and the burgeoning benefits of artificial intelligence. 

Chaitanya Naredla Kirshan, widely known as NK, stands at the forefront of the rapidly evolving technology industry. As the Co-Founder and CEO of Constructn.ai, NK is pioneering the future of construction monitoring, bringing simplicity and automation to complex processes across the build timeline. His rich experience weaves together advanced domains such as robotics, computer vision, extended reality (XR), machine learning/artificial intelligence (ML/AI), and the Internet of Things technologies.

Todd Takes

1. Bridging the gap between captured data and its actual use is crucial for efficiency. Leveraging data effectively can drive better outcomes, reducing the need for rework and increasing overall project efficiency.

2. Automation represents the future of the construction industry, promising significant advancements in productivity. Embracing automated processes can streamline operations, from planning to execution, leading to more efficient project completion.

3. AI is likened to a “little minion helper,” taking on undesirable tasks to facilitate smoother operations. Its vast potential in construction offers a transformative approach, enabling professionals to focus on high-value activities while AI handles the mundane aspects.


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