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AI has already become integral in society. How is it affecting the construction industry—and what do we see as its long-term effects? Join host Todd and guest Patrick Murphy as they discuss generative AI in construction, the journey from congressman to construction startup founder, how Togal.AI addresses expectations and misconceptions about artificial intelligence, and next steps for the professionals who are just beginning their journey with AI.

Patrick Murphy is a former Congressman and serves as CEO and Founder of Togal.AI, which won first place at the 2022 eMerge Americas Global Startup Showcase and The Big 5’s 2022 Startup City Global Pitch Competition. Additionally, he currently serves as an Executive Vice President of Coastal Construction, the largest General Contractor in Florida.

Todd Takes

1. AI won’t replace humans, but humans using AI will replace those who don’t. Embrace AI tools without fear. Start small, have fun experimenting, and get comfortable with these new technologies.

2. Like Patrick said, construction technology companies are eager to hear your ideas. They value your feedback and are open to collaboration. So, speak up, share your opinions on their tools, and suggest ideal workflows.

3. Dedicate time each week to research and explore emerging trends and potential tech solutions. Test the ones that intrigue you. Remember, innovation stems from small, consistent steps. Go out there and experiment.


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