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What does it mean when a new tech sweeps the industry? Times are changing, but the way we interact with technology on a wider scale seems to be similar. Live from Advancing Preconstruction 2024, Devin Sherman joins the podcast to discuss the way AI is received in construction, the riskiness involved in preconstruction startups, and how to utilize networking to become stronger in our craft.

Devin Sherman is VP of Preconstruction/BIM/VDC at Lee Lewis Construction, Inc. In his role, he handles and oversees all estimating and VDC operations including conceptual estimating, model based takeoffs, budgeting, bidding, drone operations, 4D scheduling, clash detections, and laser scanning.

Todd Takes

  1. The Real Role of AI in Construction: Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool, but it’s important to understand that it’s not a magic solution that can solve all problems instantly. It requires strategic implementation and thoughtful integration into existing processes to truly enhance construction operations.
  2. Addressing Construction’s Marketing Challenge: As frequently discussed, construction faces a significant marketing problem that needs to be addressed to attract new talent and interest. It’s essential to rebrand the industry as exciting and innovative, highlighting the vast opportunities available to potential workers.
  3. The Value of Networking in Construction: Networking within the industry is crucial for personal and professional growth, allowing you to gain diverse perspectives that can challenge and improve your processes. Engaging with others not only broadens your understanding but also sparks new ideas and enhances your capabilities.

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