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What are the best ways to create a culture of innovation in construction? Join host Todd and guest Todd Grossweiler as they discuss adopting an entrepreneurial mindset for success, how one customer’s story can change your processes for the better, the pros and cons of modular construction techniques, and more. 

Todd Grossweiler is the Executive Vice President at Allison-Smith Company LLC. In his role, he applies his creative techniques to technical project management while staying acutely aware of the “people” side of the business. His mission is to help Allison-Smith’s team succeed through continuously improving processes, technology, and relationships.

Todd Takes

  1. When you are trying to be truly innovative and grow, do not fall into the trap of hiding your misses. There is tremendous opportunity for learning and innovation when things don’t go according to plan but only if you intentionally take the time to learn and grown. 
  2. If you are thinking of starting your prefab journey, which you should, test out strategies and methods before scaling. I thought Todd brought up an excellent point with whenever possible try to find an internal resource to be your champion first. 3
  3. Todd had a great line saying, “Don’t compare your innovation to someone else”. You can be inspired by others but don’t feel the pressure to be a carbon copy. It is important to put your own spin on the innovation and figure out how it will best work for 


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