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What are your key values? What makes you hold true to them in the long run? Join host Todd and guest Cole Porter as they discuss the essential nature of a company’s ethos, what “people over profits” really means in practice, how to balance community involvement and company growth, reconciling innovation and tradition, and much more. 

As president of Porter Steel, Cole Porter has played a pivotal role in upholding the company’s legacy while ushering in innovative approaches to meet the ever-evolving demands of the industry. With a keen emphasis on core values, a dedication to putting people first and a spirit of community involvement. His efforts to navigate generational shifts within the company, while also focusing on bringing fresh talent into the fold, offer invaluable insights for the industry.

Todd Takes

1. Relationships Over Transactions: Prioritizing genuine relationships over simple transactions is fundamental. By generously investing our time, skills, and resources in those around us,whether they are employees or partners, the outcomes often surpass our expectations in terms of profits and performance. This relational approach nurtures an unparalleled sense of pride and ownership among everyone involved.

2. Embed Values in Culture Through Stories: For values to truly resonate within an organization, they need to be more than just words;they need to be a lived experience. Regular and meaningful communication of these values is key, especially when it is accompanied by stories that showcase their tangible impact. Cole’s approach at Porter Steel exemplifies this perfectly; he highlights the positive community effects of their projects, which not only reinforces their values but also instills a profound sense of purpose among all team members.

3. Embrace Innovation Through Empathy and Risk: Innovation isn’t just about new ideas—it’s about courage and perspective, as Cole aptly pointed out. One of the most rewarding risks we can take in the pursuit of innovation is investing time to understand and appreciate diverse perspectives. This act of empathy—of walking a mile in someone else’s shoes—can lead to broader insights and deeper, more meaningful connections


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