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How do you reconcile different opinions, economies, and levels of experience in the field? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Simon Waldren as they discuss the world of modular prefab, the challenge that comes with different perspectives about the industry, embracing the mindset that it’s okay to fail, and how to “check your ego at the door.” 

Simon Waldren is an Operations Director at Apex Wiring Solutions. He has experience in modular, DfMA, and LEAN. Apex and Simon work hard to advocate for modular construction, helping to drive the industry to better identify challenges, while providing solutions to adapt to meet future market needs. 

Todd Takes

  1. When thinking through the ROI for industrialized construction, remember this is a long-term play. It doesn’t mean that you won’t find immediate benefits, but you do need to have realistic expectations. IC is a marathon not a sprint. You are bridging the gap from what can be done to what will be done in the future. 
  2. This leads me to my second take. It is important to give yourself the freedom to fail if you are learning from those mistakes. Simon had a great line that “innovation stands on the shoulders of the people before you.” Find those 1% improvements that you can make. They add up to be a monumental change. 
  3. Finally, don’t try to hide your mistakes. People are going to know. When you do make a mistake, own it, address it and then roll up your sleeves to fix it and learn from it. You will garner so much more respect from others in the end. 


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