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What have you learned over the past four years? We’ve learned a lot. Construction has changed and overcome major obstacles to adapt to a newly digitized world. Interoperability has become more than just a concept. New tools have been developed. New efficiencies have been gained.

We’ve also learned that there are still many hurdles along the way. Tech adoption is still clunky and slow. The labor shortage persists (or are we just bad at hiring and retaining?). Digital waste and physical waste might just be digital twins.

We have been thrilled to cover the ups, downs, triumphs and curveballs of construction in over 200 episodes. What will the future of the show hold? Join host Todd Weyandt and editor/producer Eric Daniel to find out!

Todd Takes

Todd Weyandt:

1. In a day and age when we have so much incoming noise and everyone is seemingly in a rush to state their opinion, it is more important to listen than to talk. By actively listening, we learn things, realize the shared pains we all have and can make improvements. 

2. It is important to have a mindset that is willing to challenge the status quo and be looking for those 1% improvement areas. With some humility, willingness to learn and ask questions, and an open mind, innovation can flourish. 

3. I am truly grateful for the support you have all shown me and the show for the past 200 episodes. I mean it when I say I count hosting this podcast as a great responsibility to the industry. This show is for you. So if you have any thoughts on topics and guests, Feel free to reach out. It’s always great to talk with you all. Thank you for continuing to listen each week and sharing the show with your friends.


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