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Bridging the Gap is officially at 150 episodes and counting!

Over the past 50 episodes, three major themes have emerged: hearing more voices from the field, the blurring of the lines between blue and white collar work, and taking innovation and making it practical.

Join host Todd Weyandt and editor/producer Eric Daniel as they look back to reflect on the lessons learned, moments that stand out and where the show is going in the future.

During our first 100 episodes, we have had the great pleasure of learning from so many brilliant guests and thought leaders throughout the industry. To you the listeners, thank you for joining us on this adventure, taking the time to listen each week and sharing with your friends.

Todd Takes

  1. Both empathy and communication are required to foster a healthy and productive environment for innovation and growth in construction. Take time to plan and discuss with the needed stakeholders about the plan and seek to understand their perspectives. You will be amazed at the efficiency benefits that provides in the long run.
  2. We as an industry need to get in front of middle schoolers to talk with them and show them what a career in the trades and construction looks like. Once they get into high school, most of already formed an opinion on college.
  3. One of my favorite aspects of hosting the show is to learn different flavors of the industry. If construction is like fine wine, you might as well learn and taste them all. I am looking forward to expanding my pallet in the coming shows and hear from more perspectives.


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