Uncomplicating Construction

What is an EOS? How does it impact you, and how do you leverage it? Join host Todd and guest Mel Towey as they discuss maintaining “a grip” on one’s business, the six components we use to define our business issues, how to best utilize each and every tool that is available to us in the industry, and the importance of strategy.

The Importance of Branding in Construction

What does your marketing team focus on? Are you paying attention to what reels in a consumer? Join host Todd and guest Tim Brown as they discuss Tim’s transition from web design into the world of contracting, unique challenges that are present in the construction industry, how to provide your company with a strong and communicative brand, pushing quality over quantity, and more.

Construction: At the Innovation Forefront

If there are a hundred ways that something can go wrong on a project, there are now a thousand ways to fix it. So what’s best for you and your company? Join host Todd and guest Bob Armbrister as they discuss the benefits of technology adoption, the difference between adoption by field workers and every other department, how our choices now impact us in the future, and more.

Misconceptions Around Modular Construction

When you picture modular construction, what comes to mind? Do you have some preconceived notions that should be challenged? Join host Todd and guest Chip Parsley as they discuss the ins and outs of modular construction, everything that goes into modular manufacturing, and how prefab saves time, money, and effort in the long run.

The Marketing Problem in Construction: A MEP Force Roundtable

In your experience, does construction have a PR problem? What can be done to fix that problem? Join roundtable speakers Todd Weyandt, Travis Voss, Brandon Patterson, and Adam Davis as they take a closer look at each major facet of the industry and discuss target audiences, the need to share success and growth stories, whether we need to have a “massive PR campaign,” and embracing both success and failures.

The Communication Gaps in Construction

As the year wraps up, what have we learned about the industry? What needs to be fixed, and in what ways have we made great strides? Join host Todd and guest Cameron Page as they talk about the jobs that set us up for success in the long run, how to pull together different industry groups for the better, the best ways to convince the industry to adopt new tech and tools, and how a workflow would look in a perfect world.

Don‘t Limit the Way You Think About Construction Careers

Would you fit in if you were working in a construction industry job? A lot of people looking for work don’t think so. There is a long-standing perception in our society that construction industry jobs are dirty, difficult, back-breaking labor. And yes, there are certainly jobs like that. However, the added reality is that there are literally hundreds of jobs in or linked to the construction industry that do not require carrying bundles of fiberglass insulation on your shoulder, roofing a building, digging ditches, or muscling around sheets of drywall.