Invest, Invent and Innovate

When change can sometimes lead to failure, how do we embrace those lessons to champion the value of innovation? Join host Todd and guest Hamzah Shanbari as they discuss what it truly means to learn from failure, how to create a culture of innovation in the construction industry, the Haskell approach of “Invest, Invent, and Innovate,” and much more.

Construction’s Alter Ego Effect

What are some surprising similarities between the sports and business worlds? What is the “Alter Ego Effect”? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Todd Herman as they discuss applying sports metaphors to a career in AEC, the impact that your imagination can have on your personal success, and the biggest obstacles we all face when we “level up.”

Branding Your Company for Greatness

We’re happy to welcome back Tyler Campbell, host of Construction Brothers Podcast, for today’s episode! Join Todd and Tyler as they discuss the challenge of marketing in construction, how to approach the skilled labor shortage effectively, the connection between brand and career, and the near future of industrialization.

The Platinum Rule

Catch us here Spotify Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Overcast Episode Description How do we break free of “the way things have always been done”? How can you tell in the hiring process whether you’ll be working for a collaborative and healthy company? Join host Todd and guest Dan Dowdy as Read more…

Construction Data and a Unified Platform

How would you describe your attitude towards change in the construction industry? How do our expectations of technology change as the tech itself evolves? Join host Todd and guest Angi Izzi as they discuss the unlimited potential of unified platforms, how the ownership of data has become more tangible, the function of Autodesk Platform Services (formerly Forge), and the importance of fully understanding your own goals and ambitions.

How to Get Work Done Right

It’s a podcast mashup! Work Done Right Podcast host Wes Edmiston joins us to talk about the important trends and topics in construction. In this we cover: hiring the next generation of workers, the perception of skilled trades versus college, tech adoption and implementation, and so much more. Make sure to check out Wes and the Work Done Right podcast!

Can AR Make Tech Adoption Easier?

What do you picture when you hear about augmented reality? What are some misconceptions we might have in the industry around AR? Join host Todd and guest Waleed Zafar as they discuss the potential of using AR on the jobsite, how to tackle the resistance to new tech in construction, and how AR is even beginning to change the conversation around the Autodesk Construction Cloud.

The Gen Z Workforce Will Soon Double

What are the top issues we face when recruiting Gen Z into the construction industry? What are some ways we can use our experiences to resonate with younger generations? Join host Todd and guest Erin Volk as they discuss the importance of storytelling, the best ways to increase diversity in the industry, common misconceptions around the trades, and more.