Securing Your Data with Agility

Cyber security is a massive part of being digitally agile. How secure is your data? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Phil Keeney as they discuss trends in cybersecurity, practical steps towards implementing cybersecurity, the importance of resiliency, important commitments to map out before obtaining CMMC, the definition of digital agility, and how to truly understand innovation.

Construction Lessons from Ikea

With every new development in the construction industry, there’s always a certain amount of implementation and adaptation that must take place. Join host Todd and guest Blake Douglas as they discuss recent trends in construction, impacts of the COVID disruption this past year, the benefits of augmented reality, where BIM 360 will take us, and the effects that so many new product announcements might have on the industry. Plus, they discuss what Ikea may be able to teach the construction industry.

Tenacious MEP Problem-Solving

What’s your appetite for technological change? Are you dynamic, static or a naysayer? How do you know? Join host Todd and guest Travis Althouse of Revizto as they discuss the importance of implementation discovery, how and why to embrace technology and how to be aware of what your (and your team’s) capabilities are.