Bridging the Gap Podcast with guest Colleen Martindale

You Can “Trip and Fall” Your Way into the Industry

The younger generation may be full of people who would shine as construction professionals—what if they just don’t know it yet? When it comes to considering the trades as a viable profession, a huge factor tends to be whether you “see yourself” there. In this episode, Colleen Martindale of McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. shares her experience as someone who moved from the arts to the trades: which hurdles faced her early on, the advice she’d give to teams and individuals facing hurdles of their own, and her take on preventing supply chain issues.

What is Intelligence Augmentation?

Construction: is it only slow to innovate due to tradition, or is there another conversation to be had? In this episode, Sarah Buchner joins the podcast to discuss the industry’s outlook on new technology, the difference between AI and “IA,” how to leverage artificial intelligence as a tool in your career, the worldwide issue of construction data inconsistencies, and her company, Trunk Tools, Inc.

Adrian Mangan on Bridging the Gap Podcast

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Catch us here Spotify Apple Podcasts YouTube Music Overcast Episode Description What’s the best process of leveraging your software to its fullest potential? How do stakeholder communication and project transformations fit in? In this episode, delve into Adrian Mangan’s Advance Steel-centric YouTube channel, the impacts he’s observed since its launch, Read more…

Bridging the Gap episode 259 Jonathan Jasinkski

The World is in 3D, Not 2D

If the world is in 3 dimensions, and we think in 3 dimensions, why would we work in only 2? Join Todd and guest Jonathan Jasinski as they unpack the inherent advantages of BIM, how Advance Steel and its GRAITEC PowerPack have benefited the production at Mezzanines By Design, some of the best ways to navigate the stakeholder sign-off process, and much more.

From Concrete to Code

Technology stacks are transforming the construction industry. In the years to come, what benefits in decision-making and project efficiency might we see from this transformation? Join Todd and guest Edward Garcia for an in-depth conversation on traditional vs. transformative methods, how to foster a culture of continuous learning and adaptability, cross-collaborating with engineering and fabrication teams to ensure feasibility, and much more.

AI Should be Field-First

As AR and AI continue to sweep the construction industry, what are some of the best and most proven ways to leverage this enigmatic technology? Could it, in fact, help us address some of the largest and most persistent pain points of the industry at large? Join Todd and guest NK Chaitanya as they discuss the connection between data and AI, NK’s company, how AR can be leveraged to increase onsite safety, and the burgeoning benefits of artificial intelligence.

Salting the Horse

Where do most training programs fall short? The answer may lie in the way we’ve been approaching the subject of training at large. Straight from GRAITEC Innovate2Build with Amy Powell of Well Works, this episode takes a closer look at what it means to truly and effectively train workers, how to support the “learning transfer” in every stage of training, and how emotional intelligence comes into play.

Build in Time to Learn

Now that prefabrication is taking off, we’re looking for ways to make it a seamless process. Is there yet a “perfect software” that has everything you need for a prefab project? Often, we don’t streamline our workflows until something raises the alarm bells. In this episode from Advancing Prefabrication 2024, we sit down with Chris Fischer to discuss some of the biggest hurdles facing widespread, cross-industry adoption of the prefab movement.

Innovation Isn’t Just Hardware and Software

The productization of prefab will be a tricky and incremental process. Can we still bring our creativity to the table when there are so many unknowns? In this episode, Todd Mustard joins us at Advancing Prefabrication 2024 and sparks a discussion about repurposing supply chains, the power of BI dashboards, and growing widespread interest in IBEW Local 48.