Team Equals Tenure

Is it possible to guarantee success? If so, what building blocks do you need to implement? Join host Todd and guest Bryson Reaume as they discuss building the best team for your project, how to stay connected when you might be working remote, what the world should know about the contractor’s point of view, and the shifting goals and mindsets of project teams.

The Old Trades are Gone

We all have a story to tell—what’s yours? Join host Todd and guest Jessica Bannister as they discuss the growing audience that comes with globalization, the difficulties we face in reaching and maintaining the attention of the younger generation, the essential nature of collaboration in modern times, and much more.

Our Modular Future

When you think of modular and preconstruction, what comes to mind? Are there some misconceptions around the implications of these building styles, and how do we challenge those misconceptions? Join host Todd and guest Audree Grubesic as they discuss the parts of modular construction that go unseen, how the “seismic shift” in the industry will impact this form of construction, and how innovation plays a huge part in getting the word out about sustainable building.

Lessons We Learn from Change

How do you lead successfully? And more importantly, how do you lead in a way that benefits yourself and everyone around you? Join host Todd and guest Jason Feifer as they discuss how change can spur growth, the rewards that come with pushing away your comfort zone, the concept of “comfortability,” and more.