The Catalyst Behind a Growth Mindset

What does it mean to grow? Will you have to move beyond your comfort zone to keep up? Join host Todd and guest Doug Howard as they discuss navigating growth with your company, nurturing long-range plans over time, the absolute necessity of skill training, and how to both embrace and understand the downsides of technology.

Embracing Tech in the Field and Office

Are you ready for what’s ahead? Is your company And how can you know? Join host Todd and guest Jason Gregg as they discuss the continuing hesitancy around the adoption of technology, pursuing and achieving goals even though the path may be unsure, and how ensure that your company survives—and grows stronger through—every obstacle placed in its way.
Jason Gregg is the VDC Manager at RK Mechanical. He has 30 years of construction experience bringing innovation, technology and prefabrication to the construction industry by utilizing field experience and project management to help propel employees to the next level.

The Curious Case of People and Innovation

With a younger generation coming into the workforce, what will change? And with the rise of security concerns, what parts of the industry do we need to ensure are secure? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Jennifer Byrne as they discuss embracing tech in the industry, the recent rise of “asymmetric warfare” and cyber attacks, what the future workspace will look like, and fostering a collaborative and problem-solving mentality and environment where we work.