What’s in the Data?

Join host Todd and guest Stewart Carroll of Beck Technology Ltd. as they discuss staying relevant in a competitive market and taking advantage of current preconstruction trends and contech, how the industry can collectively make the world a better place. They also ask the questions: why aren’t we fully leveraging the vast amount of data a construction project captures, and why aren’t we talking to each other more?

Growing Construction Interoperability

With all the technology and innovation happening in the construction industry, are we overcomplicating growth? Join host Todd and guest Tom Stemm of Ryvit as they discuss how to fully leverage your data across platforms and ecosystems, the importance of accountability and transparency to foster true collaboration and what it means to grow or die.

Let’s Get Back to Competitiveness

Some things are for sure: times are changing, and so is construction. Join host Todd and guest Jeffrey Nesbitt as they discuss using technology to create better construction processes, using consistency to implement new technology, and what it means to be one of the number who refuses to adapt to the new trends and tech that have swept the world.

Adopting Tech with Eyes Wide Open

Given the most recent progressions in technology, how much has your workflow changed? Has it been for the better? What’s your new process like? Join host Todd and guest Shane Hedmond as they talk about new movements in podcasting, the basics of adopting and integrating new tech, and the potential challenges of getting people to adopt artificial intelligence (AI), given the resistance to tech in the past.

Trust and Respect in the Field

How have expectations changed in the industry? Is it enough for a job to be efficient, or should we begin to prioritize things that haven’t been as important in the past? Join host Todd and guest Juliana Milanov of Randall Mechanical, Inc. as they talk about respecting the expertise of others, how departments can meet demand without getting overwhelmed, and how to incentivize innovation.

Adapting to Disruption

Has your company embraced new ways to make projects easier and more efficient? Would you consider yourself a supporter of that early adaptation or more of a laggard? Join host Todd and guest Kyle Peacock of Peacock Construction Inc. as they discuss adapting to on-site disruption, how Peacock Construction Inc. has successfully automated their mandatory safety check-ins, and the benefits of being an early adapter to this recent disruption.

Labor Shortage or Delusion?

We’ve heard that the biggest problem facing construction is the skilled labor shortage, but what if it’s just a delusion? Join host Todd and guest Todd Dawalt of The Construction Leading Edge podcast as they discuss if the labor shortage is just a symptom of a larger problem. They also tackle questions like: is there a better way to do things, or do you search for new and innovative ways to look at construction? How do you make employees and customers feel valuable and important to your business?

Connecting Construction

What’s the biggest problem facing the construction industry right now? On the surface, some of the biggest problems aren’t easy to see. Join host Todd and guest John Reid of Faber Connect as they talk about how new technologies are changing the game, the need for skilled trades and labor, and why construction firms need to begin to embrace innovation and technology.