Going Further than Anyone Before with Josh Bone and Jonathan Marsh

Is technology allowing you and your trade to move into the future? How can you know? What impacts can you expect and look out for? Join us as we talk with MEP Industry Leaders Josh Bone and Jonathan Marsh about relevant different trades and strategies. Take a look into the MEP industry of the future. At the time of this recording, Josh and Jonathan were Construction Technologist at Caisson. Now, Josh is the Director of Industry Innovation at National Electrical Contractors Association, and in his ten-plus years in the industry, he has implemented technology solutions and integrated BIM and mobile applications into everyday workflows. Jonathan is the founder and CEO of Steel Toe Consulting and has worked for over two decades in the AEC industry, during which time he has championed technology adoption, modular fabrication, and BIM.

What’s Your Battle Cry?! With Tim Speno

How can you interact with an MEP industry full of change? Join us and Tim Speno, president and CEO of E2E Summit, as we discuss staying agile in the newest age of MEP. Tim, who is a business development expert and entrepreneur as well as a strategic planner, has worked with the E2E Summit for over ten years. E2E Summit is an innovative executive-to-executive peer group; its purpose is to allow VIPs to connect and engage in regards to critical opportunities that face their respective industries and organizations.

When You Say “There Has to be a Better Way” with Christopher Riddell

Are you interested in increasing your company’s productivity? Join us as we sit down with Christopher Riddell, host of the AEC Disruptors Podcast, to discuss Autodesk Dynamo’s capabilities to help automate regular tasks and make your workday easier and much more productive. Christopher, who is the Director of Innovation at Applied Software, has always been passionate about learning and understanding. He contributes strong strategic thinking and experience as a design professional. He also has a Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture and a Master’s in Building Construction and Facility Management focused in Integrated Project Delivery.

Taking the MEP Leap of Faith with Steve Butler

Are you unfamiliar with a number of MEP trends? Are you interested in collaborating with like-minded people? Join us as we sit down with Steve Butler, Senior Industry Strategist for MEP at Autodesk, to learn more about the newest trends and social initiatives that may affect you and your company. Steve has worked for Autodesk since 2005. His passions for building services and technology have been essential to the direction of MEP and Autodesk business lines and products.