Misconceptions Around Modular Construction

When you picture modular construction, what comes to mind? Do you have some preconceived notions that should be challenged? Join host Todd and guest Chip Parsley as they discuss the ins and outs of modular construction, everything that goes into modular manufacturing, and how prefab saves time, money, and effort in the long run.

The Marketing Problem in Construction: A MEP Force Roundtable

In your experience, does construction have a PR problem? What can be done to fix that problem? Join roundtable speakers Todd Weyandt, Travis Voss, Brandon Patterson, and Adam Davis as they take a closer look at each major facet of the industry and discuss target audiences, the need to share success and growth stories, whether we need to have a “massive PR campaign,” and embracing both success and failures.

The Communication Gaps in Construction

As the year wraps up, what have we learned about the industry? What needs to be fixed, and in what ways have we made great strides? Join host Todd and guest Cameron Page as they talk about the jobs that set us up for success in the long run, how to pull together different industry groups for the better, the best ways to convince the industry to adopt new tech and tools, and how a workflow would look in a perfect world.

Don‘t Limit the Way You Think About Construction Careers

Would you fit in if you were working in a construction industry job? A lot of people looking for work don’t think so. There is a long-standing perception in our society that construction industry jobs are dirty, difficult, back-breaking labor. And yes, there are certainly jobs like that. However, the added reality is that there are literally hundreds of jobs in or linked to the construction industry that do not require carrying bundles of fiberglass insulation on your shoulder, roofing a building, digging ditches, or muscling around sheets of drywall.

The Complexity of Modern Construction

As 2021 comes to a close, what has changed? What have we learned about collaboration, data, and teamwork? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Eric Whobrey as they discuss the newest opportunities in the world of technology, the boldness of taking a good calculated risk, the education component of the AEC industry, “data for the sake of data,” and much more.

How Technology Informs Teamwork

Join host Todd and guest Mark Lamberson as they discuss construction trends that are here to stay, doing your “due diligence” in the industry, how to evolve alongside the constant changes in tech, how to represent your own interests as well as those of your team with technology, and remembering to apply empathy to every aspect of the industry.

How to Rock the Trades

Catch us here Spotify Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Overcast Episode Description Are you ready to turn the volume up and rock the trades loud? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Christopher Brenchley as they discuss the state of the trades today, the absolute importance of skilled tradesmen as essential workers, Read more…

Bringing Iron Man to Construction

Does your company embrace innovation and new opportunities? Do you? Also, what is the future of robotics in construction? Join host Todd and guest Aarni Heiskanen as they discuss crossing the divide between labor and construction demand, the growing importance of robotics in the field, the people-centric aspect of the construction industry, and much more.