It’s a Data Problem, Not a Technology Problem

Where is the construction industry right now on the road to tech adoption? What steps do we need to take to guarantee successful technology implementation? Join host Todd and guest Russell Haworth as they discuss the mindset that’s needed to move forward with technology, the arc of the industry’s digital transformation journey, how tech can assist us in tackling bigger issues like sustainability and carbon emissions, and more.

Russell Haworth is a technology-focused CEO with a proven track record of growing businesses with new products in new markets. He specializes in optimizing the intersection of data, cloud, and machine learning for SaaS products.

Collaboration Requires Cooperation

When it comes to the many different facets of our industry, what are some ways we could collaborate more effectively? What are some misconceptions that people have about the industry as a whole? Join host Todd and guest Marc Goldman as they take a deep dive into GIS, the biggest hurdles facing data interoperability, how geographical knowledge benefits the construction worker, and more.

Amy Marks on Productization and Expected Experience

This is a special episode of Bridging the Gap. This is our final live recording from the 5th annual MEP Force. During the Day 1 General Session, we sat down with the Queen of Prefab herself, Amy Marks. A key theme she touched on was ‘expected experience’ in your job and in a product. How you anticipate a situation can drastically affect your satisfaction with it. She also touched on the importance of productization. We have to do a better job taking all the knowledge and ideas we have and turn them into products and processes.