Portrait of Manasi Pitkar, Sr. Preconstruction Director at McCarthy Building Companies, Inc., featured on the Bridging the Gap Podcast, Episode 268, recorded live at Advancing Preconstruction 2024.

The Importance of Acknowledging Mistakes

Is failure something to be avoided at all costs—or is it vital to growth? In this episode, recorded live at Advancing Preconstruction 2024, Manasi Pitkar joins the podcast to discuss the “next big thing” in construction technology, how to make the best case for tearing down data siloes, the hurdles of time, talent, and escalation that are facing preconstruction, how to create an environment that welcomes growth and innovation, and more.

Bridging the Gap Podcast with guest Wes Mayes

There’s No “Quick Fix” to Develop New Skills

What’s the key to achieving a relevant, active, and connected career in the industry? The answer lies in your own level of commitment. Live from Advancing Preconstruction 2024, Wes Mayes of The Brandt Companies joins the podcast to discuss the importance of networking, the ways we’re seeing prefabrication and preconstruction overlap with each other, whether AI will make it to the forefront of construction within the next decade, and one of the most interesting and overlooked trends in the industry recently.

Darrell Torres smiling in a professional headshot. The graphic features the Bridging the Gap podcast logo, Applied Software and Graitec logos, and the text "Live from Advancing Preconstruction 2024." Episode 266 with Darrell Torres.

The Difference Between Information and Data

We’re in a new era of construction—does that imply a new era of data management, as well? Live at Advancing Preconstruction 2024, Darrell Torres of Irvine Company joins the podcast to discuss the balance between ambition and “keeping it simple,” the power of data management platforms to set companies apart from their competitors, and the most effective ways to achieve buy-in when you introduce new processes and technology. 

Break Down Data Siloes by Future-Proofing

Break Down Data Siloes by Future-Proofing

How can we be sure we’re collecting “the right” data to drive future success? The
secret lies in when (and how) we gather that data in the first place. Live from
Advancing Preconstruction 2024, Will Lehrmann of Procore Technologies joins the
podcast to break down the best ways to prevent data siloes, the ongoing issue of
worker safety in construction, and the importance of standardizing processes for the
future of the industry.

Bridging the Gap Podcast with guest Colleen Martindale

You Can “Trip and Fall” Your Way into the Industry

The younger generation may be full of people who would shine as construction professionals—what if they just don’t know it yet? When it comes to considering the trades as a viable profession, a huge factor tends to be whether you “see yourself” there. In this episode, Colleen Martindale of McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. shares her experience as someone who moved from the arts to the trades: which hurdles faced her early on, the advice she’d give to teams and individuals facing hurdles of their own, and her take on preventing supply chain issues.

What is Intelligence Augmentation?

Construction: is it only slow to innovate due to tradition, or is there another conversation to be had? In this episode, Sarah Buchner joins the podcast to discuss the industry’s outlook on new technology, the difference between AI and “IA,” how to leverage artificial intelligence as a tool in your career, the worldwide issue of construction data inconsistencies, and her company, Trunk Tools, Inc.

Adrian Mangan on Bridging the Gap Podcast

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Catch us here Spotify Apple Podcasts YouTube Music Overcast Episode Description What’s the best process of leveraging your software to its fullest potential? How do stakeholder communication and project transformations fit in? In this episode, delve into Adrian Mangan’s Advance Steel-centric YouTube channel, the impacts he’s observed since its launch, Read more…

Bridging the Gap episode 259 Jonathan Jasinkski

The World is in 3D, Not 2D

If the world is in 3 dimensions, and we think in 3 dimensions, why would we work in only 2? Join Todd and guest Jonathan Jasinski as they unpack the inherent advantages of BIM, how Advance Steel and its GRAITEC PowerPack have benefited the production at Mezzanines By Design, some of the best ways to navigate the stakeholder sign-off process, and much more.