The Profitable Path to Sustainability

What are the smartest ways to prioritize sustainable efforts and profits—especially if your company is less established? Join host Todd and guest Aad Storm as they discuss what it means to prioritize sustainability, the “human element” we shouldn’t forget in the whirlwind of new tech adoption, how we can reassure teammates and employees of their irreplaceable value in the face of AI, and much more.

Autonomy is Your New Secret Weapon

What does a successful technological transformation look like in our industry? What are the biggest challenges facing that successful transformation? Join host Todd and guest KP Reddy as they discuss the importance of staying consistent, the reliable predictors of success or failure in tech implementation, making space for creativity and innovation in construction, and more.

Accidental Collaboration

What are the best ways to create a culture of innovation in construction? Join host Todd and guest Todd Grossweiler as they discuss adopting an entrepreneurial mindset for success, how one customer’s story can change your processes for the better, the pros and cons of modular construction techniques, and more.

FinTech in Construction

How has financial reporting in construction changed over time? Does new tech allow us to increase accuracy and transparency—and what are some pitfalls we might find on our tech adoption journey? Join host Todd and guest Matthew Smith as they discuss the biggest challenges that come with adopting digital workflows, the key benefits to implementing digital finance solutions, some common security concerns with the advent of new finance technologies, and more.

Grit Leads to Greatness

How can we successfully contextualize the construction industry for the new generation? What role does technology play—and what about creative concepts like children’s books? Join host Todd and guests Chris Eccleston and Jenny Schroen as they discuss the children’s construction book series Grit Leads to Greatness, the initiatives we can all take to change perceptions of construction, the huge variety of job and growth opportunities in the industry, and much more.

Construction Will Become Manufacturing

As technology advances in construction, what impacts have we seen overall on sustainability, safety, and equipment quality? Join host Todd and guest John Somers as they discuss the latest and greatest in construction industry advancements, what incentives exist to drive tech adoption, how to find the tech that best suits you and your company’s needs, how to interpret brand-new data, and much more.

Sustainability is a Business Strategy

What does it really mean to “go green?” It’s more complex than you might think. Join host Todd and guest Tommy Linstroth as they discuss the ups and downs of creating a successful startup, the greatest issues we face in construction when it comes to adopting sustainability, how the widespread reaction to sustainable practices has changed over time, the concept of “automating” green processes, and more.