How to Build the Las Vegas Sphere

How do you build something that’s never been tried before? How do you model something that’s never been modeled before? If you’re looking for the answer to those questions, Alain Michalak is your guy. He brings the “there must be a way” mindset to every project – including the Las Vegas Sphere. This episode is rich with advice for challenging the way things have always been done and paving the way for projects of the future.

AI Makes Its Construction Debut

AI has already become integral in society. How is it affecting the construction industry—and what do we see as its long-term effects? Join host Todd and guest Patrick Murphy as they discuss generative AI in construction, the journey from congressman to construction startup founder, how Togal.AI addresses expectations and misconceptions about artificial intelligence, and next steps for the professionals who are just beginning their journey with AI.

“We’ve Always Done It This Way”

What does it take to become fully carbon-neutral in this industry? What are some practical steps we can take in that direction? Join host Todd and guest Ben Meyer as they discuss the current conversation around sustainable practices, common pitfalls and misconceptions about carbon neutrality, and how essential it is to take collaboration and partnerships into account when we’re planning for the future of our business.

Implementing Tech The Right Way

New cost management tech is taking the world by storm. How can you identify which software is best for you? Join host Todd and guest Brad Buckles as they discuss the most common misunderstandings in tech implementation, Autodesk Build’s popular Cost Management tool, ERP system integration challenges, and more.

Mycelium Paves the Way to 2030

Is the future of construction mycelium-based? That’s what Thomas van Haren asks in sustainable building initiative. Join host Todd and guest Thomas as they discuss Thomas’ work on Project Phoenix, the essential nature of sustainable housing, cost benefits of mycelium-based building materials, and the collaborative partnerships that have helped Project Phoenix take flight.