Making Collaboration More than a Buzzword

The pace of construction continues to increase. Developers and owners want their projects constructed and delivered faster than ever. At the same time, the industry has new challenges. There’s new tech, modeling, fabrication – all these complications have the potential to slow the process down, but that’s not an option.

Dynamic vs. Static Champion

The construction industry has been forced into digital transformation over the past nine months at a more rapid pace, so managers are now embracing remote workflows and allowing people to do what they do and relying on trades workers to give the proper input for jobs. Many people in the trades hope it stays that way after the industry returns to “normal.”

Are You Adaptable?

Running a business isn’t something you can truly learn in a classroom. You can sit through classes about running a business; you can fill out workbooks about business processes; but there’s no better teacher than real-life experience. When you put the time in and understand all aspects of a business, Read more…

Changing the Perception of MEP

America was built on the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) trades, and the trades are facing change overnight. MEP trade workers are considered essential personnel during this pandemic. They’re still working, and there are immediate career opportunities across the US. Yet there is still that tendency to look down on the profession of a plumber, an electrician or an HVAC worker. That is still the predominant narrative around the trades, and it was developed long ago by those outside the professions.