Changing the Perception of MEP

America was built on the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) trades, and the trades are facing change overnight. MEP trade workers are considered essential personnel during this pandemic. They’re still working, and there are immediate career opportunities across the US. Yet there is still that tendency to look down on the profession of a plumber, an electrician or an HVAC worker. That is still the predominant narrative around the trades, and it was developed long ago by those outside the professions.

How Are You Adopting ConTech?

The times they are a’changing. With the recent tech boom, there’s technology that applies to every aspect of construction. There are things that can apply to everyone’s jobs, more than most of us can imagine. And then there are things like robotics and artificial intelligence that might seem a far distant mirage on the horizon to some companies. You’re bombarded daily by the promise of products and tools that will make your life easier. The events of this year have propelled tech adoption forward.

Adapting to Disruption

There are definite benefits for your company when you embrace the disruptions happening in the construction industry. You’ve probably thought to yourself from time to time (usually when you’re working late again) that there are easier ways to manage projects, and there are more efficient ways to operate. If you’re Read more…

What Comes First – Chaos or Shortages?

If you’re in construction, you’ve seen chaos on jobs. You can get so busy dealing with it, that you don’t actually have time to determine the cause. Chaos is a symptom of inadequate systems. Once you find the root cause of chaos and get people to think in a systematic way, you can put the right systems in place to eliminate a lot of confusion.

What is Construction Innovation?

Nearly every company is embracing some form of innovation and technology today. The wise way to do that is by bringing in some level of innovation and then building upon it. Taking it one step at a time, it’s best to spend time up front to decide what you’re trying to accomplish and then be deliberate in choosing the tech to get you there. Take time to research tools, make sure they make sense for your business, and adopt them slowly. Tech tools cost money, but the ones that are right for your business will bring a return on investment.