Building Digital Resiliency

The need for cybersecurity is a worldwide trend. That need is accelerating developments in cloud technologies and data security systems at a rapid rate. To complicate matters, the transition to work-from-home scenarios is increasing the exposure of companies to cyber threats by increasing the number of people connecting to central Read more…

Using Humanity to Propel Construction

Putting people first in a business is bringing humanity back into the construction industry. Something that has not been done much in the past is communicating equally among all teams. Over the years, negative habits have developed in terms of a hierarchy of personnel. There was the boss at the top of the ladder, people such as engineers on the middle rungs, and then there were the field workers at the bottom of the ladder, with everything falling on their heads.

Building Success from Challenges

There is a transformation taking place throughout the construction industry. In the marketplace, there is uncertainty, so there is a need for companies to have digital agility. Technological innovations can help give clarity of information, and uncertainty can be dissolved through that clarity.

Improving is the Name of the Construction Game

Whether you’re moving files or have a more complicated workflow that you’d like to simplify, sometimes there’s just not a tool out there that addresses your company’s specific needs. In that situation, you may wonder if it’s time to enlist a specialist to provide you with custom software. If a job seems too hard, then you’re not using the right tool.

Making Collaboration More than a Buzzword

The pace of construction continues to increase. Developers and owners want their projects constructed and delivered faster than ever. At the same time, the industry has new challenges. There’s new tech, modeling, fabrication – all these complications have the potential to slow the process down, but that’s not an option.

Dynamic vs. Static Champion

The construction industry has been forced into digital transformation over the past nine months at a more rapid pace, so managers are now embracing remote workflows and allowing people to do what they do and relying on trades workers to give the proper input for jobs. Many people in the trades hope it stays that way after the industry returns to “normal.”

Are You Adaptable?

Running a business isn’t something you can truly learn in a classroom. You can sit through classes about running a business; you can fill out workbooks about business processes; but there’s no better teacher than real-life experience. When you put the time in and understand all aspects of a business, Read more…