The Mobile Workforce Podcast: Innovation in Construction – Using Tech to Tackle Its Bad Rep

There are a lot of stereotypes about the construction business, such as all projects go over budget and delays are inevitable. Most of them are dated and untrue, but these misconceptions still weigh the industry down. How? For starters, by making it harder to attract good workers and increasing skepticism by prospective customers. The good news is there’s never been a better time to work in construction, with technology at the helm of significant changes that improve how companies budget, report progress, and track issues. Fortunately, technology and marketing are the answer to freeing the industry from outdated stereotypes once and for all.

Art of Construction #207

It’s no question that technological advancements in our industry are abundant. By leveraging data, we can create exact digital replicas of buildings. With prefabrication, we can systemize and streamline the building of modular homes and other construction projects. They’re absolutely crucial as we navigate through our industry’s digital transformation, but as with any technology, it only works as well as its user. Where does this all start? How do we utilize our technologies to work best for us? By getting out of our own way and fostering a mindset of growth and innovation, in our own companies and in the industry as a whole.

Hard Hat Insights: Constructing Success through Digital Transformation

In this video, CLA National Director of Consulting Services, Jeffrey Nesbitt, and host of Bridging the Gap Podcast, Todd Weyandt discuss how your team can capitalize on available technology in the construction industry. Learn how corporate culture can either accelerate or stall a digital transformation, the importance of developing a growth mindset, why failure doesn’t mean what you think it does, and why the status quo of construction isn’t a recipe for success in the future.

The AEC Disruptors: Fostering Culture in Innovation

Join host Christopher and guest Todd Weyandt of Applied Software, and host of the award-winning Bridging the Gap podcast, as they discuss creating a corporate culture that fosters innovation, how to champion innovation with your marketing team, and how to utilize culture change for the betterment of your company. Learn more about why we shouldn’t necessarily punish failure, take time to analyze, and how to get your ideas to their highest potential through consistency.