From LEGO Builder to Mechanical Innovator

Have you been wondering what the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) has been up to lately? Have you ever wondered what tech and Legos have in common? Where do these two subjects meet in the middle? Find out in our interview with MCAA “Geek” Sean McGuire, wherein we discuss how Sean is bringing machine reviews to your doorstep in 2020.

Take Your Weekend Back: Automate

Tired of parenting your database? Do you wish there was another way that would take up less of your time? So did Plant 3D guru, David Wolfe. Join us as we discuss the benefits of automation. Maybe it’ll be a fit for you, too! David is the Director of the Manufacturing Technology Group at Applied Software. He develops sales and technical software for Autodesk products, and he strives toward growth in the plant and manufacturing industry.

Matt Dillon: Master Collaborator

What changes would you like to see within your industry and your company? Join us for an interview about resolutions with Matt Dillon, master collaborator and Autodesk enthusiast. Our 2020 resolution is to collaborate more! What’s yours? Matt Dillon is the Core Services Director at Applied Software. He is the innovative leader of a group of industry professionals, and his specialties include Autodesk Revit for Architects, MEP Engineers and Structural Engineers, 3ds Max, and Autodesk’s cloud services for collaboration, visualization and building analysis.

Ian Molloy: An Autodesk Veteran

Where are you and your company headed? Does it have anything to do with where you have been? What can you expect as the industry takes a leap into the future? Join Todd and Ian Molloy as they discuss what may be store for MEP and for your industry. Ian Molloy is Senior Product Line Manager for MEP and Building Performance Analysis with the Autodesk Building Group. With more than two decades of experience, he works globally with Autodesk to lessen the financial and environmental costs of building.

What the Cloud and the Simpsons Have in Common

Has the cloud been on your mind lately? Are you worried about the issues you may face with migrating there? Bart Simpson once said, “Don’t praise the machine.” We agree—praise the cloud instead! Join us and Doug Dahlberg and learn more about migrating and dispelling the common fears that are associated with that process. Plus, stay tuned until the end for a special appearance from our producer, Alyssa! Doug Dahlberg is the Director of IT Operations at Applied Software. He is a network engineer with a passion for building environments. He has broad experience in email systems, VOIP, network security, VPNs, and system virtualization.

How “The Iron Man of IT” Found His Way to the Trades

Is trade information fading out with retirees? What can you and your company do about it? Join Todd Weyandt and Director of Strategic Accounts at eSUB Construction Software and Contech Crew Podcast member Jeff Sample for a conversation on leaning into industry trends. There are opportunities to break into the MEP culture, and you can take advantage of them. Jeff is known as the “Iron Man of IT” and has been working in the Technology industry for nearly two decades. He understands the components of a successful business and how technology can allow for enhancements in workflow.

Generative Design: The Partnership Between Man and Machine

As an architect, are you being forced to turn to programming? Join Todd and Christopher as they discuss the partnership between robots and people and how that propels us into the 21st century, and learn a little more about the hot topic of generative design. Christopher, who is the Director of Innovation at Applied Software, has always been passionate about learning and understanding. He contributes strong strategic thinking and experience as a design professional. He also has a Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture and a Master’s in Building Construction and Facility Management focused in Integrated Project Delivery.

Going Further than Anyone Before with Josh Bone and Jonathan Marsh

Is technology allowing you and your trade to move into the future? How can you know? What impacts can you expect and look out for? Join us as we talk with MEP Industry Leaders Josh Bone and Jonathan Marsh about relevant different trades and strategies. Take a look into the MEP industry of the future. At the time of this recording, Josh and Jonathan were Construction Technologist at Caisson. Now, Josh is the Director of Industry Innovation at National Electrical Contractors Association, and in his ten-plus years in the industry, he has implemented technology solutions and integrated BIM and mobile applications into everyday workflows. Jonathan is the founder and CEO of Steel Toe Consulting and has worked for over two decades in the AEC industry, during which time he has championed technology adoption, modular fabrication, and BIM.

What’s Your Battle Cry?! With Tim Speno

How can you interact with an MEP industry full of change? Join us and Tim Speno, president and CEO of E2E Summit, as we discuss staying agile in the newest age of MEP. Tim, who is a business development expert and entrepreneur as well as a strategic planner, has worked with the E2E Summit for over ten years. E2E Summit is an innovative executive-to-executive peer group; its purpose is to allow VIPs to connect and engage in regards to critical opportunities that face their respective industries and organizations.