Graham Thiel

Digital Transformation: Soft vs. Hard Skills

As someone in the construction industry, how do you see the adoption of innovation? Are you open to doing things differently, or do you prefer the way it’s “always been done?” What has the edge in the battle of soft vs. hard skills? Join host Todd and guest Graham Thiel as they discuss different roles in the AEC industry, the surge in adoption of technology, and using remote connectivity. Learn more about the benefits of collaboration, sharing information and mutual respect.

Construction: Mixing Art and Science

As someone in ConTech, do you remember what inspired you to engage in this field? What makes you passionate about what you do, and what makes you continue in the face of adversity? We welcome Bianca Coury back as she and Todd discuss what brought Bianca to the construction industry, the challenges of being female on a job site, the work/life balance in quarantine, and the successful crossovers between art and construction.Bianca Coury is the Construction Manager for Eagle Point Software.

Your Personality and The Team

How big of impact does a healthy culture have on a company? What does healthy look like and how do you build that culture? Join host Todd and guest Jake Olsen of DADO as they discuss the benefits of a healthy culture, how to adjust for remote work and how to bridge the gap between the office and field.

Routine: The Enemy of Innovation

When you think of the word innovation, what comes to mind? Can some good come out of disruption, or have you always thought of change as a bad thing? Sit down with host Todd and Angie Simon of SMACNA (The Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning National Association) as they discuss the HVAC trade, the untapped resource of women in the trade workforce, and the resilience of the construction industry that has kept it afloat in a rapidly-changing world.

How AI and Origami Meet in Construction

Have you ever thought of construction as a way of communicating? As a designer, are your beliefs reflected in what you make? Sit down with Todd and Tal Friedman as they talk about origami-inspired “3D folding,” minimalistic design, and the work involved in integrating design and construction. Learn about the necessity of taking time for details and how 3D folding can be used as an alternative form of construction.